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Featuring these product ranges:


Jolly Phonics represents one of the first and most popular systems of teaching English using the method of phonics, not the alphabet, vocabulary or grammar to teach kids. The teaching emphasis is on using the most popular consonant sounds as well as the mulitude of vowels sounds to develop pronounciation and verbal communication.

Designed by teachers for teachers, this range of products starting with the Jolly Phonics Handbook, includes a teaching guide and copyable, resuable daily teaching plans. There are also many support products available, such as posters, workbooks, readers, songs and audio materials, as well as interactive whiteboard software.

Jolly Phonics is used by 70% of preschools in the UK, and in the majority of international schools world-wide.



The GALT product line is one of the most popular on the market, including a full range of early learning toys, to educational puzzles to English-language items. Everything is specially designed for the development of younger children. Particular attention is paid to quality and safety. All products meet the highest European safety standards and their quality is among the highest on the market.

Puzzles – this highly-focused line of educational puzzles is among the most popular for preschools. English language puzzles for very young children and the giant floor puzzles are the top selling products of the line.

English workbooks – these colourful, interactive workbooks include a number of subjects and a range of stickers to make learning more fun and rewarding.

Early Years line – for infants, there are a number of unique products, including soft books and soft-play toys, as well as the innovative Playnest line.



The Bee-Bot line represents one of world’s premier preschool products for ICT (Information and Communication Technology). This technology is excellent for a child‘s early development in regards to logic, early computer programming skills and working with technology. It also supports creative teachers who use ICT as an essential tool in the classroom.

Bee-bots – this unique line is a fun and safe way to learn the basics of technology. A child must learn to reach a series of goals by programming a simple computer. The goals become progressively more challenging as the child improves. This line is supported by several devices as well as a whole range of accessories.

Easi-speak – these recordable microphones help children to develop verbal communication with the help of technology.

Easi-scope – this is a technological tool that brings out the curiosity of a child in regards to science. One can use this simple electronic microscope line to explore a world which younger children have yet to discover.

Talk-time – these unique mini whiteboards are very interactive and can be used individually or in a group environment in a standard or more even more creative approach. Children will improve verbal and written communication by using these.