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We offer a full-service consolidation service

Blackfire Education can consolidate all of your school supplies from all over the world and ship them to you at once. Our philosophy is „We can get anything from anywhere,“ and we can do this at a lower price than if you did it on your own.


We take care of all communication with international suppliers and publishers to save you and your staff a lot of work regarding ordering, shipping and payments. With over 250 education suppliers we are able to source any type of product that you would need.


We work with many logistics companies internationally to receive the lowest rates. In addition, we consolidate orders regularly in the UK and the US and ship frequently to us at once, which further reduces freight costs.

Our company also has a self-managed warehouse in Prague. We collect all orders from various countries and supply them at once to save you the trouble of getting many smaller orders at different times.

In addition, we are doing all customs work on your behalf on imports from countries outside the EU.


We deal with all the payments in various currencies and methods of paying so that you don’t have to. Usually you will receive an invoice in the currency of your choice after you receive your delivery.

We guarantee the same or lower price as the supplier‘s catalogues.

No additional fee is charged for our services.

Suppliers catalogues