Interactive and educational toys

Creative, interactive and educational games help children learn basic skills through innovative learning methods. Children will also have a great time playing them. In other words: “learning through fun”. The products in this category stimulate a child’s intellect through games and using fun educational means and materials, created and assembled in a way that allows them to be used in a spontaneous and unprompted way and with the option of perpetual learning.

Our portfolio offers a wide selection of interactive and education games for children of all age groups: from the age of 0 months to school age. The digital revolution, the ever-accumulating amount of information, the incredible growth in the potential of science and technology, and the acceleration of globalisation all demand new ways of thinking and learning: from small children to adults, at school, at work, in your personal life. That is why these toys are an integral part of our portfolio.
Products from Galt, Headu, Science 4 You and Gemex, to name a few, are included in this category.

For more information about the products, visit the official Czech website of Galt or the official website of Headu:


HEADU: Montessori – Touch puzzle

HEADU: Montessori – My first puzzle


Galt – Water Magic